Sunday, August 14, 2011

Black Chalice - Years of Flame

I started using this old page for things that really don't fit into the attilathehun blog (i.e. anything me and my idiot friends make that aint black metal, or really good non-bm demo's I receive).

We are going to start off with the first full release from Black Chalice. Yet another one of my projects, Black Chalice blends death metal with doom metal, and adds a hint of that black metal spice for good measure.

Black Chalice - Years of Flame - 2011



Digital Sneeze said...

This is genuinely excellent. 'Empirical Solitude' is particularly poignant. Nice work indeed.

Alhadis said...

Any hope of a physical release?

Last Sun's Light said...

Possibly. Not completely sure yet.